Shivi Darubra

Shivi Darubra is a published author, policy advisor, long time Soch Mental Health volunteer and mental health community catalyst. She’s worked with CAMH in a research capacity, sat on a committee board with Children’s Mental Health Ontario, and has produced mental health policy, and program directives for schools, municipalities, and broader public.

Her book, The Little Blue Elephant is available worldwide and has received international recognition for being a viable tool for mental health programming in schools in St. Lucia and the US.

Prieeya Kaur Kesh

Prieeyya Kaur Kesh is the Founder & CEO of Our Wave Hub, a Canadian ed-tech company & strategic advisory practice that was born out of a vision to reimagine education. They are working to bridge the skills gap between a displaced and emerging workforce, and the in-demand skills employers are looking to hire for. Our Wave Hub has worked with the Government of Ontario, City of Brampton, Ryerson University and more to support talent development for the future of work. Prieeyya supports Soch with organizational development, strategic planning and business development.