Soch Mental Health is a nonprofit enhancing the mental health literacy of South Asians through education, prevention, and resilience-building initiatives.


one word. one meaning.

In Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, Soch (ਸੋਚ) means “to think” or “a thought”. As community mental health nurses, we truly believe that the way of combating the stigma towards mental health is to change the way our community “thinks” about mental health.

Meet the Founders: Pioneers in South Asian Mental Health

Soch Mental Health is the brainchild of two remarkable women, Jasmeet Chagger and Maneet Chahal-Gill, who share a profound passion for transforming mental health narratives within the South Asian community. Best friends, Registered Nurses, and holders of Master’s degrees in Nursing, they are trailblazers who have seen firsthand the stigma and silence surrounding mental health in their own families and communities.

Together, Jasmeet and Maneet Chahal-Gill are breaking barriers and igniting change through Soch Mental Health. Their mission is to create a space where conversations about mental health are encouraged, support is accessible, and the stigma is shattered.

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Supporting Soch Mental Health

Join us in championing mental health transformation within the South Asian community. Your donation helps us expand our reach, dismantle stigma, and empower individuals to seek the support they deserve. Learn more and donate today to help build a resilient and healthier community.

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