Support Groundbreaking Mental Health Initiatives for South Asians

Mental health matters, and yet it’s often a taboo topic in many communities, including among South Asians. That’s where Soch Mental Health comes in. Founded by two passionate mental health nurses, Soch has taken groundbreaking steps to shift the conversation around mental health in South Asian communities. We need your support to continue our mission.

Soch creates and delivers innovative workshops, produces online mental health content, and collaborates with ethnocultural media outlets to promote mental health literacy and break the stigma. Our work directly impacts individuals and families who may otherwise struggle in silence.

Your donation will directly support the development of crucial workshops addressing grief, addictions, intimate partner violence, depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention. We focus on key populations within the South Asian community, including men’s mental health, women’s mental health, and international students.

By contributing to our cause, you’re not just giving money; you’re helping us transform lives and change harmful narratives. You’re empowering individuals to speak up, seek help, and heal. Let’s work together to foster a healthier, more supportive community. Donate today and help us change the Soch. Your support can make a world of difference.