Sunehri Soch ~ What you think you create!


A welcoming space for adult South Asian women to connect, share their experiences, and explore their emotional and mental well-being. About this event "A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform." - Diane Mariechild But even the full circle needs another circle Read more…

Gulabi Harf – Community Healing Through Spoken Word


Open Mic and a meeting place for poets, story writers & original word artists. Hindi. Urdu. Punjabi. About this event Surkh gulabi gul gulab-ae-gulistaan ch jiven.. Ek ek harf hijarr di chasni ch dooba ae Ik vaar bass ikk vaar sajjan avehh teh bna sharbat peevehh - Surmeet (for Gulabi Read more…

Self Compassion: Calming the Mind by Practicing Being Kind

For youth ages 14 and up. Let's learn how to be kind to ourselves. In this workshop for youth, we'll learn what self-compassion is, and the importance of practise self-compassion. We'll also learn a skills on how we can practise it in our lives.