Join over 150 professionals in fostering a deeper understanding and creating a supportive environment for South Asians in mental health

Training Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding what it means to be South Asian: Covering dialogue on diversity & inclusion, cultural beliefs & values, family dynamics, & societal expectations.
  2. Understanding how mental health is perceived in South Asian families: Exploring the cultural stigmas surrounding mental illness and discussing the community‚Äôs current level of mental health knowledge and the impact of family honor.
  3. Gaining skills for successful mental health outcomes: Family-centered approach and using the South Asian language for mental health awareness, and improving accessibility of services

Who Should Attend?

This training can be taken by anyone working with the South Asian community. It includes and is not limited to administrators, teachers, professors, wellness staff, counsellors, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, doctors, peer support works, accessibility staff.


$150 pp. For large group sessions please email us


“This training is essential for any care provider in a position to support South Asian community members who are experiencing mental health and substance use concerns, and their families. I encourage even the most experienced clinicians to take this course. You will be surprised to know what you don’t know. The facilitator created an inclusive and safe space for all attendees to share and reflect. The key practice recommendations provided in this training enhanced my understanding and will inform a shift in my personal practice to better support the mental health of South Asian community members.”

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