Soch Mental Health aims to empower community members to recognize and accept mental health as an essential part of their wellness through education, prevention, and building resilience.


Creating an open space both in-person and virtually for mental health dialogue.


  • Culture
    Allow an individual’s culture to guide the means in which Soch Mental Health provides mental health education, prevention, and resilience skills. 
  • Respect
    All individuals have their unique beliefs and experiences, which are to be valued through our engagement of services.
  • Holistic Lens
    Soch Mental Health believes in working with the body, mind, and soul to achieve optimal mental wellness.
  • Education
    Empowering the community with mental health education is the most effective way to reduce the stigma and barriers to accessing support and building resilience among community members.
  • Community
    Creating a community led initiative means to amplify the voices of individuals with lived experience and empower the community to lead mental health conversations.
  • Inclusivity
    We support individuals from all walks of life irrespective of their gender and sexual orientation.