Soch Mental Health is excited and eager to build new relationships with professionals and community agencies to scale our positive impact on the South Asian community’s mental health. We openly welcome the opportunity to engage with you to better understand how we can align our vision for increased mental health outcomes.

Before completing this form it is important to understand whether you, your team, or organization are exploring a partnership or collaboration with our platform. This is how we differentiate the two:


  • A formally binding contract or agreement with well-defined roles & responsibilities for all parties involved in the project. All parties involved in the project maintain mutual rights to deliverables.
  • The project involves seeking and hopefully securing funding.
  • The project has well defined measurable outcomes.


  • An informal process of working together to support a common goal.
  • The collaboration may be fluid with roles, responsibilities, and measured outcomes.
  • The collaboration may include grass roots advocacy.
  • The collaboration may not include am exchange of funding.

Partnerships & Collaborations Form