At Soch, we specialize in bridging the gap between mental health and the South Asian community. Since 2015, our team of cultural mental health experts has been dedicated to creating innovative projects that resonate with the unique needs of our community. Have a look at the services our organization offers.

Soch Mental Health provides tailored support groups specifically designed for the South Asian community, ensuring cultural and linguistic relevance. These sessions offer a safe environment for individuals to connect with others facing similar life challenges, fostering mutual learning and providing valuable support.

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We specialize in crafting multimedia resources that resonate deeply with the South Asian community, placing culture and language at the heart of our messaging. From custom short films to engaging infographics and educational reels, our content is meticulously tailored to speak directly to our audience. Additionally, we leverage ethnocultural media platforms like South Asian TV and Radio to amplify our message about changing our community’s Soch (thinking) about mental health.

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At Soch Mental Health, we design and facilitate workshops tailored for the South Asian community, focusing on how our unique cultural aspects impact our mental well-being. These sessions offer an opportunity for community members to connect with one another and exchange practical insights and strategies to navigate everyday challenges while honoring our culture and language.

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We work with community organizations, schools, and corporations to provide South Asian mental health training and consultation on projects dedicated to the mental health of South Asians.

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