Here is some information you can share with your Punjabi-speaking family members about COVID-19, it’s effects and how to deal with it. Check out our workbooks here.

COVID-19 Video Series

An 8 part series by the World Sikh Parliament to educate our community on Coronavirus and it’s effects. Videos are in Punjabi with last one in English.

1) What is Coronavirus and it’s impact to the elderly? 

2) What is social distancing ? 

3) Why are Gurdwaras cancelling events and why we need to support parbandaks? How can we do sangat while self isolating?

4) A Chardi Kala response 

5) Tips in how we can help our community with this crisis 

6) Different approaches by different countries to the crisis 

7) How to self-isolate 

8) Advise for Sikh Parents during Coronavirus crisis? (English) 

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COVID-19 Workbooks

This workbook has been created by the Mental Health Commissions of Canada to support individuals who may be struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The exercises focus on self care and identifying our own resiliency in response to difficult times.

This workbook has been published by the Wellness Society to support individuals who may be experiencing anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides information on anxiety, strategies you can implement into your daily life and exercises that you can complete on your own.

The COVID-19 Health Literacy Project has translated information into 35 different languages.