Soch was featured on CBC. Read the full article here.


Soch, which means “to think” in Hindi, is an organization that focuses on providing members of the South Asian community with tools to deal with mental-health challenges and navigate the mental-health system.

It’s run by two registered nurses who grew up in Brampton.

As part of their initiative to break down the stigma of mental illness, they have been addressing some of the risk factors that lead to domestic violence — including organizing a monthly mental-health forum for Punjabi men called Mind Gym.

Co-founder Jasmeet Chagger says the forum provides a safe space for Punjabi men to share their concerns and challenges. 

“That patriarchal culture that we’ve cultivated where men aren’t supposed to talk about their feelings or share their emotions … sometimes unfortunately it comes out in the form of substance use or anger particularly toward your partner.” 

The organization also holds workshops on intimate partner violence, providing people with resources, connecting them to services and developing safety plans. 


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